Üritus: Stand-Up Comedy with Louis & Eric presents: Al Pitcher & Martin Lagos!

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Üritus: Stand-Up Comedy with Louis & Eric presents: Al Pitcher & Martin Lagos!

"Al Pitcher is the shit! He is the bomb and I will bet my left testicle this guy will be amazing."

- Louis Zezeran, host of Stand-Up Comedy with Louis & Eric


This month for Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric we feature a comedy show which we guarantee is the funniest thing you will see in years. Al Pitcher is the king of having fun with the crowd, every show is unique and Louis is a little bit giddy with excitement to have his favourite comedian come and visit.

This monthly theatrical show will feature the hottest comedians and stage performers from across Europe in a variety show-style bonanza of laughter, riotous applause, and heartfelt admissions of childhood deviance (please do not riot). “Stand-up Comedy with Louis and Eric” brings Club Prive back to its theatrical roots: each month the nightclub we all know and love will transform into a comedy club, and Comedy Estonia’s Louis and Eric will share the stage with two of the brightest headlining comedians currently touring Europe.

Our premium show in Club Prive offers table service, a full bar operated by Prive’s legendary staff, and an entire evening of live music provided by our jazz band, “The Laugh Tracks”. Think high-class Vegas night out minus the drained bank account and pimps. Well, our pimp will probably be there.


Live Stand-Up comedy by:


Each Al Pitcher show is unique. He rises about most comedians with his crowd interaction, his audience never quite knowing where he’s leading them, but thrilled by the journey. With his unpredictable, unsystematic and upbeat live performances Al has consistently wowed audiences across the world. He is the master of improv, talking to the audience and creating a hilarious story from whatever he is given. He uses the audience in a twisted and fun way, without being a mean about it.

Beginning comedy in 1999 and reaching the ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ Award finals held at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Al decided to capitalise on his growing reputation by then becoming a Vegetable Picker in Naas, Ireland . What perhaps is a humble mushroom to you became Al’s golden ticket . But with no accolades in broccoli picking, he returned to stand up. In 2001 he became a BBC New Act Semi-finalist and Daily Telegraph Open Mic Finalist. With live performances in the UK, New York, Shanghai, Bahrain, Paris, Berlin and Auckland, it’s really only a matter of time before you have seen him and met afterwards for a cup of tea.

Al's last tour of England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand was the "Al Pitcher Picture Show" where he would go around town on the day and take photographs which he would talk about on stage with a projector for 90 minutes. The show was brilliant and showcased his amazing ability to weave a hilarious story out of thin air.


Martin Lagos is a quick-witted, fearless and charming comedy. With a father from Chile and a mother from Sweden, Martin Lagos is bilingual and can speak English, Spanish and Stockholmian. He jokes about everything and everyone but the best he jokes about himself. A great social observer who uses his multicultural upbringing to bring a unique perspective to the world... in an absolutely hilarious way

Martin's aim is to make the contact with each new audience an encounter, to make people feel included so that the stand-up is alive, in the here and now. He is a comedian who is constantly writing material which adds to the fresh feeling of each show.

Martin has appeared at Norra Brunn and Sthlm Live, the biggest stand up clubs in Sweden and has appeared on Swedish TV in "Comedy Fight Club".

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Live Jazz music by:



This is an all-seated exclusive event for only 200 people. Limited number of tickets are in presale until 8th June for 15 EUR and 9th June until 15th June for 25 EUR at the Piletilevi all over Estonia or at www.piletilevi.ee

Tickets at the door (if available) 25 EUR. Doors are open from 19.00 and guests are entertained by the live band until the show starts at 20.00. Length of the show is about 2 hours with breaks filled by live jazz band. The show is English.



Enjoy the show as it is meant to be! Reserve a table for yourself and your friends and make your evening special at Club Privé’s brand new VIP area. All reservation must be confirmed in advance at +372 56 256 000 or [email protected]

See the floor plan here!

Big table, option for 6-10 persons

225 EUR includes:
- 10 tickets
- Complimentary bottle of choice
- Sushi from Silk restaurant for 10 people
- Fruits for 10 people
- Meriton Hotel’s restaurant Mademoiselle famous Iceberg cake for 10 persons
- Coffee for 10 persons

Small table, option for 2-4 persons

160 EUR includes:
- 4 tickets
- Complimentary bottle of choice
- Sushi from Silk restaurant for 4 people
- Fruits for 4 people
- Meriton Hotel’s restaurant Mademoiselle famous Iceberg cake for 4 persons
- Coffee for 4 persons


Stand-up komöödiast on saanud Eesti meelelahutusmaailma üks tõmbenumbritest ning Comedy Estonia ja Club Prive estlevad järgmist parimat asja – eksklusiivne stand-up komöödia etendus Louis’e ja Eric’uga!

Igakuine teatraalne etendus kaasab endasse hetke parimad koomikud ning toob kohale tuntud artistid Tervest Euroopast.Show saab olema erinevate variatsioonidega, seal saab näha ja kuulda nii bonanza stiilis naljatamist, märatsevat aplausi kui ka südamlikku lapsemeelset huumorit. „Stand-up Comedy Louise ja Eric’uga” viib Club Prive tagasi oma teatrist läbi imbunud juurte juurde: igal kuul muutub ööklubi, mida me kõik teame ja armastame, kömoodiaklubiks ning üles astuvad Comedy Estonia’st tuntud Louis ja Eric, kes jagavad lava veel kahe särava, hetkel Euroopas tuuril oleva koomikuga.

Club Prive esmaklassilise etenduse juurde kuulub loomulikult ka lauateenindus, samuti on avatud uued baarid, kus teid teenindavad meie imelised baaridaamid ning baarmanid. Õhtut saadab jazz-bänd The Laugh Tracks. Ilmselt on tegu samaväärse õhtuga, mis oleks õhtu Las Vegases kui välja arvata fakt, et järgmisel hommikul ei vaata pangaarvelt vastu ümmargune null.

Eksklusiivsele etendusele müüakse vaid 200 istekohta. Piiratud arv pileteid hinnaga 15 EUR on müügil kuni 8. juunini ning hinnaga 25 EUR 9. juunist kuni 15. juunini Piletilevi esindustes üle Eestis. Pileteid on võimalik osta ka Piletilevi kodulehelt, www.piletilevi.ee.

Kohapealt ostes (kui ei ole väljamüüdud) maksab sissepääs 25 EUR. Uksed avatakse alates kella 19.00st. Kuni etenduse alguseni, kell 20.00, mängib live-muusikat jazz-bänd. Etendus toimub inglise keeles!

Naudi etendust nagu VIPile kohane! Reserveeri laud endale ja sõpradele ning muuda oma õhtu eriliseks Club Prive uuel VIP-alal. Laudu on võimalik broneerida telefonil +372 56 256 000 või [email protected]

Suur laud, soblik 6 – 10 inimesele
Hind on 225 EUR, mis sisaldab:
- 10 piletit
- Pudel alkoholi
- Sushi restoranist Silk 10le inimesele
- Puuvilju 10le inimesele
- Meriton Hotel’i kohviku Mademoiselle kuulus Iceberg’i kook 10le inimesele
- Kohv 10le inimesele

Suur laud, soblik 2 – 4 inimesele
Hind on 160 EUR, mis sisaldab:
- 4 piletit
- Pudel alkoholi
- Sushi restoranist Silk 4le inimesele
- Puuvilju 4le inimesele
- Meriton Hotel’i kohviku Mademoiselle kuulus Iceberg’i kook 4le inimesele
- Kohv 4le inimesele


www.clubprive.ee and www.comedyestonia.ee